Art, culture and traditions

Dive into our culture and traditions

Human activity in the Serra de Tramuntana has designed a unique landscape. The terraces, the snow deposits, the possessió houses, the watchtowers, the coal bunkers and barracks, the lime kilns and many others tell us about the way of life of our ancestors. Likewise, the municipality preserves and promotes a varied cultural offer.

Defense towers

The defenseless situation of the inhabitants of the isolated coastline of Escorca led to the planning of the first towers beginning in 1579.


In Mallorca the term possessió refers to a large area of land dedicated to agricultural and livestock production, owned by one owner and linked to a house located on the same land.

Fairs, festivals and markets

Escorqueras festivals and fairs combine tradition and culture. In all of them, the municipal programming makes an effort to create content for all audiences.

UNESCO heritage

The World Heritage Site or World Heritage is a plan for the protection of the world's cultural and natural assets.

Museums and centers

The Interpretation Center of the Serra de Tramuntana Natural Park welcomes the visitor upon arrival in Lluc.


When the traditional religiosity of Mallorcan society and the strong historical influence of the Church are known, it is perfectly understood that the religious heritage preserved in the Serra de Tramuntana area is numerous and diverse.

Men and the forest

Forests perform an important environmental function through their role in: carbon fixation, improvement in air quality, water regulation, soil protection against erosive processes or biodiversity conservation.

Men and the snow

Snow houses were large deposits dug into the ground that often took advantage of a natural chasm. Snow was stored in order to preserve it until summer.


One of the most celebrated musical events of the Mallorcan summer is the Concert in the Torrent de Pareis that every year brings together thousands of people in this incomparable setting.


The abundance of caves and rocky shelters and the availability of food undoubtedly determined that the Serra was chosen by the first settlers, who lived by hunting and gathering.

Film spots

Many foreign films have taken advantage of the exteriors of Escorca to recreate past times or imaginary science fiction places.