Nature, climate and landscapes

Enjoy the climate and landscapes

One of the most valuable and emblematic spaces on the Island of Mallorca is the Serra de Tramuntana. The recognition of its natural and Cultural values ​​earned it already in 1972 the declaration as a Picturesque Landscape; later, in 2007 it was declared a Protected Natural Area with the figure of a Natural Area and finally UNESCO conferred the title of World Heritage in 2010. Escorca is located in the center of the Serra, being the municipality that covers the most extension . The diversity of the landscape, with lush oak groves, sunny pine groves, reed beds, olive groves, etc. and the variety of habitats favor high biodiversity. One of the most notable aspects is the richness in endemic animal and plant species.


In the Serra de Tramuntana, more than 4200 species of animals, plants and fungi have been described.

Natural space

In Escorca we find ten protected natural areas, some with overlapping areas.

Public estates

The municipality of Escorca is the one that houses the most publicly owned farms.

Recreational areas

The municipality of Escorca has six recreational areas managed by the Balearic Institute of Nature (IBANAT).

Flora and vegetation

In Escorca the largest holm oaks in Mallorca are preserved, such as that of Son Massip.


Hundreds of people come to look for mushrooms in the mycological season from all the municipalities of Mallorca.

Bird watching

Escorca brings together some of the best places on the island for bird watching.

Scenic viewpoints

The visitor can enjoy some of the most impressive landscapes of the mountains.