Up to the Puig de Massanella

Level of difficulty: High

Total time: 5 hours nonstop

Access: Can be reached by public bus from Palma. With own vehicle, you must follow the Ma-13 road to Inca and from there the Ma-2130 to the residential area Es Guix

Starting point: Residential Area Es Guix

Circular Route: Yes

Signposted Route: No

Recommended Season: All year

At kilometer 14.8 of Caimari-Lluc road, just before the Coll de Sa Batalla we will find a sign with a map of the area. The wide track leads to the barrier of Comafreda state where we will have to pay the amount for entrance. See rates on the website of Puig de Massanella.


Once in the Coll de Mancor o de Sa Línia we will find two large stone pylons placed years ago by the Foment de Mallorca Tourist Board indicating the three possible directions: to Mancor de la Vall, to Lluc and to the top of Massanella. Very closes we will find the first of the snow deposits of the massif of Massanella: the major snow house, which is located at a lower altitude, the other two are already in the Pla de Sa Neu, near the top.


From the Coll de Sa Línia begins the path that leads to the top. This is the old path used by the snowfields. We will carefully follow the path that leads to the Pla de Sa Neu and from there to the top of the mountain. Even we will find another stone pylon pointing two alternative rises to the top: the right is the most direct path following the old path, while the left goes through the Font de s'Avenc.