Torrent de Mortitx

Normally many of the pools are full, some of them have water throughout the year as the Bec d'Oca, making it the stream in more locations where you can jump. The trip ends in the sea where there are two options:


1. Climbing the pas d'Aniràs i no Tornaràs (you will go and you will not return), with stunning views of the cliffs and not suitable for those who suffer vertigo. This option is recommended only for emergency cases, since it is a exclusion area of the Natural Area of the Serra de Tramuntana.


2. Climb the stream, so that should carry more strings and blockers, or climb it partly to the Bec d'Oca and then walk back.





Degree of difficulty: High

Total time: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Total distance: 500 meters

Access: With your own vehicle, you must follow the Ma-10 from Lluc to Pollenca to kilometer 10.9

Starting point: Entrance to the state of Mortitx

Season: All year

In any case, always take this torrent with the help of a professional guide who will ensure the safety of the activity.